June - NOVA at Isle of White Festival, Isle of White.

May - NOVA at Fiber Festival, Amsterdam (screening).


October - February 2015 - Cell at New Realities, Barcelona.


November - Cell at Audi City, Beijing.

November - Bipolar at Cognitivopolis, Madeira. 

September - Bipolar at The New Sublime - Brighton Digital Festival, Brighton.

May - Bipolar at Digital Shoreditch, London.

May - Le Sacre Du Printems (performance) at Time Shift Festival, Groningen, Holland.

March - Soft Array at SXSW, Texas.


November - Bipolar at Wired popup store, London.

October - Traces at Cinekid Medialab, Amsterdam.

July - Cell at Chivas Collective, Shanghai.

May - September - Traces in The Art of Motion exhibition at The Public, London.

May - Konstruct at Augment it - TrouwAmsterdam, Amsterdam

May - Cell at the Arts & Business Awards (private), London.

March - Konstruct at The 3D Storytelling Conference, London.


December - Composite (screening) at Pixellerie Fine, Paris.

November - Cell at the LBi Rave (private), London.

September - Cell at The Alpha-Ville Festival, London.

October - Konstruct at Cinekid Medialab, Amsterdam.

April - Konstruct at Fractal ’11, Medellin.

March - Konstruct at Square Art, London.


September - Fractal AR Ident at Cinekid Medialab, Amsterdam.

April - Fractal AR Ident at Fractal AR Ident at Fractal ’10, Medellin.